We have a number of classes for you to attend while retaining the community and spirit of a local club.


We have a number of classes for you to attend while retaining the community and spirit of a local club.

Learn more about all of our classes below

Monday & Friday at 5pm

Little Dragons

Little Dragons classes are structured to provide a learning experience which is both fun and safe. The programme improves performance across a range of physical and intellectual skills without becoming too difficult or daunting for their age range. Lessons are an enjoyable mix of Muay Thai, games and discussion time.

Monday & Friday at 6pm

Junior Classes

The junior class is for 7yrs – 13yrs and is aimed to help students gain self-confidence and learn the basic techniques used in Muay Thai During these classes all techniques will be demonstrated, and students will be supported by instructors when learning how to strike and defend. Juniors will not only benefit from exercise and weight loss but will be learning a highly regarded form of self-defence. The instructors will help assist all students to reach their personal goals, whether that’s fitness, weight loss, self-confidence or progressing to the Advanced Class

Tuesday 6pm & Thursday 7pm

Beginners Classes

Increase your health and fitness with our adults Muay Thai Boxing class. Our Beginners classes are for anyone aged 14+. We offer a Muay Thai Boxing programme for those who have never done martial arts before and this is accessible to all.

Monday 7pm & Wednesday 6pm

Advanced Classes

Our Advanced class offers students the opportunity to learn and execute the more advanced techniques and skills used in Muay Thai Boxing. Through a combination of intense pad work and light sparring this gives the student the ability to practice all techniques learnt whilst sparring in a friendly safe environment.

Wednesday 7pm (Fitness Only) & Friday 7pm

Fitness & Sparring

Fitness and Sparring

Thursday 6pm

Grading Class

Grading Class

Tuesday 6pm

Ladies Only Class

Our beginner friendly, fun and welcoming Ladies Only Muay Thai classes are for women who are looking to improve their fitness, while learning Thai Boxing techniques.

Our Ladies Only Muay Thai classes are 1 hour long, and include warm up and cardio, with the rest of the session focused on learning and practicing the techniques of Muay Thai, through pad work and partner drills.​

Weekly Timetable

Little Dragons (4-7 Years) Juniors (7-13 Years) Beginners (14+ Years) Advanced Fitness & Sparring Grading Class Ladies Only
Monday 5pm Monday 6pm Tuesday 6pm Monday 7pm Wednesday 7pm (Fitness Only) Thursday 6pm Tuesday 6pm
Friday 5pm Friday 6pm Thursday 7pm Wednesday 6pm Friday 7pm